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acoustic guitar tuning pegs The acoustic guitar that we recognize today came to be in Spain during the 1850's and has since shown no sign of waning popularity.  Due in part to its musical versatility, availability, and pleasant sound, the guitar is one of the most widely used instruments worldwide, and is featured in many different genres of music, including country, folk, rock, pop, and jazz, as well as swing, blues, bluegrass, flamenco, and classical.  Different styles of music may feature different styles of acoustic guitar; for example, the brighter tone of a steel-string guitar is more at home playing jazz or blues, while a classical acoustic is more suited to classical music styles.

The 1980s spawned several new variations of the acoustic guitar, allowing for wider musical versatility than the traditional acoustic guitar.  These include the soprano guitar, the tenor guitar, and the acoustic classical bass guitar.  They can be played in combination as a guitar quartet, much in the style of a classical string quartet.

There are various ways to play an acoustic guitar, depending on the style of music desired.  Sheet music for the acoustic guitar is often written as an accompanying part; this music may consist mainly of chord progression and strumming.  Other music styles employ finger picking and slide playing, which utilizes a metal or glass slide.  These techniques produce unique sounds that are often used interchangeably when playing music on an acoustic guitar.

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